A Little About Us

My husband and I  moved out in the Country over 30+ years ago, and we have remained here. Our kids have since grown, and have choosen to venture out in the wide open spaces. (Though they remain in touch with us).

Leon's side of the family traveled up to Iowa on horseback, so he tells me. All the way from the Oklahoma countryside. Seems like my side of the family sprouted up right here in Iowa. Though they have branched out in different directions since I have grown.

Folks have told us when we moved out here that it would never last. Ha! Guess they were wrong! We are still here with no future plans of moving any time soon. I have raised Quarter-Paint and Appaloosa horses in my early years, but as I got older my interests went to our Myotonic and Mini Silky goats. Hubby loves to fish! Fish! and FISH! Guess you could say that he "loves to fish"!



 Hubby has been a great help to me and I don't know what I would do without him. He has built all my horse and goat barns....stacked many of square bales of hay, even bottle feed baby goats. He has been quite the handyman around here. I think he is a "keeper" wouldn't you say?  LOL



Leon and Greg painted our house July 2012. They did such a good job!  


Greg made us some wooden chairs and benches out of a pine tree we had to cut down!  Cool huh?!  2012                              





Our Friends